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How You Can Help

Donating To The Appeal

We welcome any donation to the Appeal, and here are some ways in which you can make your gift. For more information, please contact our Treasurer who will be pleased to offer further advice.

A single donation

  • We will be able to claim an additional 25% Gift Aid from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), if you make a Gift Aid declaration. You must pay at least as much UK income tax and/or capital gains tax in the tax year, as can be reclaimed on all your charitable gifts.
  • If you are a higher rate taxpayer and make a Gift Aid declaration, you will also be able to claim a tax reduction yourself.

A form for making a single donation for you to print and fill can be found here.

Regular donations for the next three years

  • This spreads your donation over the remaining period of the Appeal's lifetime.
  • If you make a Gift Aid declaration, each payment will be eligible for the addition of 25% from HMRC in the same way as a single donation, and has the same tax benefits for higher rate taxpayers.

Forms for making regular donations can be found for you to print and fill here and here.

A donation of stocks & Shares or other assets

  • No Capital Gains tax will be charged by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on stocks and shares, or any other assets donated to the Appeal.
  • A gift of assets will not qualify for Gift Aid, but if you make a donation of quoted shares or securities, or certain other qualifying investments, you will be able to deduct the value of your gift from your income when calculating your tax.
  • If you agree, we may ask you to sell the stocks and shares you have donated to us on our behalf. Provided this is done by prior arrangement, it will not affect the tax treatment.
  • Alternatively, we will be able to assist you with a transfer, and the investments will be sold at an advantageous time during the next year.

Please contact the Treasurer for further information.

The gift of a work of art or another object of value

  • You might wish to give a picture, a piece of furniture or a piece of jewellery, for example.
  • We will then sell the object in auction at a special charity rate of Vendor's Commission.
  • No Capital Gains Tax will be charged on a gift of assets to the Appeal.

Please contact the Treasurer for further information.

A legacy in your will

  • Donations may also be made in a will, and because we are a charity there is no Inheritance Tax liability whatsoever on the sum involved. It is advisable to use the services of a solicitor to amend an existing will.
  • Donations made in the seven years before your death are also exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Please contact the Treasurer for further details.

An In Memoriam gift

  • You might wish to fund a specific part of the church development in memory of a loved one. For example, a family might wish to fund the new Library and Reading area in memory of someone who loved books and reading. This area of the church will then be marked with a brass plaque.
  • You might consider funding:
  • The Choir seating (adapted kneeling desks and providing chairs for 10 singers)
  • New Lectern
  • New communion rails at the altar - £3,000
  • Tables for the servery area
  • Crockery and cutlery for the servery

Details of other opportunities for In Memoriam donations can be obtained from the Treasurer. All enquiries will be treated in confidence.