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Bell Ringing

The bells in Bishops Caundle Church are rung from the ground floor behind the organ. There are five bells ranging in weight from the treble (the lightest) at 3cwt to the tenor (the heaviest) at 8 cwt. The oldest bell in the tower is the bell number four which was cast in 1627. Church bells are cast from a mixture of tin and copper (bronze).

Having not been rung regularly for some time, a band was encouraged to start from scratch after an open morning in 2016. The bells are now rung for Sunday services and on Monday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm for a practice night. Needless to say, anyone interested in learning to ring would be more than welcome to join the team. A first contact would be David Marshall on 01258 817692 or

As to the future, the Church has ambitious plans to raise the ringing chamber to a mezzanine floor. At present the bells themselves are hung in a wooden frame (dating from the 17th century} and the hope must always be at sometime to raise money to fund a ring of six (by the addition of a new treble bell) in an all-metal frame - although this would be a costly proposal, other parishes have often achieved similar projects by fundraising and donations.