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Development Project & Appeal

Bishops Caundle Church Development Project

What do we want to do?

The proposal is:

  • To have a wider liturgical appeal by offering Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic services, family-focused worship and children's learning.
  • To make the church available for the widest possible range of activities, such as those presently carried out in the village primary school, the active retired, concerts, organ recitals, Harvest Suppers, Lent Lunches, Art Exhibitions, Flower Festivals, Quiz Nights, talks and the meetings of the Parochial Church Council and other local bodies.
  • To encourage more villagers to become involved in a variety of ways such as maintaining and making the church accessible, including opening and locking the building, tidying the churchyard, cleaning the church, preparing for the great festivals in the Church's Year and in putting on the widest range of activities in the church.
  • To seek a greater lay involvement and participation in the work of the Church during services and in the pastoral care of the entire village community.
  • To bring the building back to a good state of repair.

In practical terms the project involves:

  • Building - first and foremost to repair the roof to the south aisle and nave and then to redecorate.
  • Organ - reposition the organ from the base of the tower to the east of the south aisle.
  • Seating - creating a flexible use of the church for worship and for social activities by having stackable chairs with a separate storage area for additional chairs.
  • Flooring - removing the various different floor levels in the nave and south aisle, and replacing them with one floor level throughout.
  • Heating - installing a new heating system throughout the building which combines effectiveness, unobtrusiveness, efficiency and economy.
  • Lighting - installing a new lighting system which is flexible, adjustable, unobtrusive and highlights the architectural features of the church.
  • Sound System - providing a flexible system for users and effective sound-reinforcement for listeners, including those with hearing difficulties.
  • Facilities - providing a wc with disabled and baby-changing facilities, a servery, a vestry and storage, a reading and study area with bookcases and seating, focussing on religion and philosophy and local history, heritage and archaeology for adults, teenagers and young children.
  • Equipment - providing a digital audio visual system, and folding exhibition stands with integrated lighting.

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