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Dear Friends
I don’t suppose there is anyone anywhere who is not aware of the threat to our health posed by the new Coronavirus or Covid-19 as it has been officially named. It is clearly a very nasty disease and it is causing a great deal of fear and apprehension. For the sake of all our friends and neighbours we must follow the official advice to “socially isolate” if we are vulnerable and to “socially distance” ourselves when out and about on necessary work
Our village communities are normally very good at looking out for each other and these communities are usually small enough for most people to be aware of who is going to need more help than others. I am sure that most people do look out for their neighbours anyway, but it is one of the tenets of Christianity is to look after those who need help. It is not an optional extra but part of the central core of the faith. It is incumbent therefore for us to ensure that everyone who needs it in our villages is properly looked after. If as, we are told, those over 70 are to be confined to self- isolation it would be easy to assume when we have not seen them for a while that, that is what they are doing. However, it might equally be true that they are at home too ill to call for help. We should check. We don’t have to take unnecessary risks but we should remember that sometimes God does require us to expose ourselves for the good of the whole.
Perhaps, a telephone call, a note under the door or offers to get shopping in may be something we might consider. A fair part of my day now is involved in ringing parishioners throughout the old White Hart Vale Group, just to check that everyone is alright. You never know, I might ring you! The old adage has it right, “It’s good to talk”. Bishops Caundle has rallied to the call; the village shop is now making home deliveries, volunteers have leafleted houses in the village offering to do shopping, go the post office and generally whatever they can, and additionally the local pub is providing a takeaway service.
The Churches in the Benefice have been asked to stop holding main services because of fear of passing infection. We wanted to keep churches open for quiet reflection and prayer during the day, but all churches throughout the land have been closed on the advice of Government.
However, we might not be in church, but we are still worshipping. Every Sunday morning at 10.00 am the Benefice is Livestreaming a Service. To receive this, before Sunday, go onto your laptop. iPad, or other device, and go onto Facebook. Search for a Group called, “Three Valleys Team” you will see a background of a field of cows. Under the cows, press “Join”, and you will eventually be accepted by the Admin Team. On Sunday morning at around 9.55, click on “Notifications” and hopefully you will connect. Make sure that your sound is on.
The Reverend George Moody has started a blog for the Three Valleys Team Benefice https://
Please keep smiling, stay safe and if you need us, please be in touch
Vicar Richard, Team Vicar
Tel: 01963 23570
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Added: 1st May 2020